Nonfiction / Essays

Huffington Post
  How I Learned to Forgive My Mental Illness

Her Kind
  The Ghost's Daughter Speaks

The Nervous Breakdown
  Seven Seconds of Chocolate

  The Male Slam Experience vs The Female Slam Experience


Monkey Bicycle
  They've Opened Up Another Much-Needed Cupcake Shop Around the Corner
  Good-bye, Cruel World


  But Wait, it Gets Worse
  Small Talk

The Collagist
  Rochester, NY

Academy of American Poets
  deeper than dirt

Nailed Magazine

Muzzle Magazine
  Untitled (Last Love)
  Poem for Three Dead Girls of Last Summer*
  The Storyteller*

Ampersand Review
  The One Hundred Year Lovers

The Bakery
  Poem Written with a Sawed-Off Typewriter*
  Portsmouth, OH (A Dirge in Four Parts)*
  Let's Crawl into that Photograph & Stay There for a While
  Greetings from the House of Logic
  Poem for Lupe Vèlez
  Advice for a Sociopath
  It Gets Different
  Letter From My Heart to My Brain*
  Letter From My Brain to My Heart*

  The Ordinary Pattern of a Sexton Beetle
  Where the Sister Steps in and Bakes the Man into a Cake
  What I Never Wrote


Evergreen Review
  After He Was Found to Be an Island of Bad Astrology

La Petite Zine
  Seducing the Magician

  Delicate, Fingerless

The Pedestal Magazine
  Sonnet for Laci Peterson (audio)
  For April, Who Is Bold (audio)

  Easter, 1981
  What Comes Next

FRiGG: A Magazine of Fiction & Poetry
  The Lovers In Bed
  May Day, 1947
  Pushing Daisies
  The Widower

Wicked Alice Poetry Journal
  Poem for Miss Meade
  And Even Smaller Nails

The Acentos Review

The November 3rd Club
  After a Magazine Named Elizabeth Smart One of
  the Fifty Most Beautiful People in the World

Poetry Super Highway
  The Pacifier

BillyBlog: The Tattooed Poet's Series
  Instead of a Note, a Tiny Black Box

The Nervous Breakdown
  To the 4,000 - March 24, 2008

  M, from After the Fall (audio)
  Grizzly (audio)
  In the Kingdom of Pointing Fingers (audio)
  Head Above Water
  Across the Street from the Whitmore Home for Girls, 1949
  Reading All the Ads in the Back of Magazines

Short Stories

FRiGG Magazine
  The Doghouse
  Tomatoes & Daffodils